Winners Bullet Club

To be independent

and therefore promote the interest of the members as a club. The purpose of the club is to provide a facility to cater for the needs of club members who wish to be the owner of Royal Enfield Bullet. To foster friendship through ownership of Royal Enfield Standard 350.

To encourage bike riding

and participation in events organized by the company and such organization to which the company may become affiliated. To provide opportunities for the technical education of its members.

To promote, encourage, organize

finance and participate in and demonstrate the sport of bike riding. To facilitate members to enjoy the own feel of riding Royal Enfield standard 350.

To provide a forum

where club members can interact with other members to gain support advice or practical tips on how to improve their riding abilities. To raise funds, through levying subscriptions from the members, by means of donations from companies and other business concerns.

To organize, provide facilities

for and hold conferences, meetings, and courses of instruction, demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions, competitions and tours. To provide need based technical consultancy for the club members.

To foster and encourage

co-operation and communication between similar organizations, societies, and institutions, and local and national authorities and to coordinate the activities and represent the view of those making use of the facilities of the company and its members.

To promote and foster

feelings of unity, co-operation and mutual help and to eliminate unhealthy competition. To foster members to conduct travel trips and to collaborate with different agencies for the welfare of the members. To advise and assist the members in technical and non-technical matters.

To encourage and conduct research,

surveys and publish the useful results of such research or contribute to the publication of any papers, books, periodicals, reports or other documents, plans or models, to give and exchange information and to promote and maintain the interest and support of the public in the objects and activities of the company.

To provide first hand training

or skilled training to the members. To conduct awareness programs and seminars for general public stating the importance of road safety measures. To provide clear guidelines to the members regarding the usage of Royal Enfield Bullet for better functioning.

To provide training on a regular basis

for members to either introduce them to gain more professional experience in the field of bike riding. To organize and run a regular series of competitions throughout the year for members or associated members to compete in and for the general public to watch the sport of bike riding.